Monday, September 12, 2005

Cable KAL Charting

Hi there! I too am KALing (or is that KingAL) on a cable project. Mine's a Christmas present for my MIL, an old Mission Falls shawl pattern (Kerrin shawl) in a mushroom-color Cascade 220. As lovely as the shawl will be when it's done, the cable chart in the pattern itself is a little wonky.

I spent most of Saturday morning re-jiggering the chart in Microsoft Word using the knitting font from Keyboard Biologist** so the increases on the front inside edge of the shawl work smoothly with the cable pattern and the cable twists are symmetrically opposite instead of twisting the same direction on both sides.

**If you're looking for a symbol font to retype/create a cable chart, there's another one at aire river. The symbols are better for cabling, but you have to create a table in Word or Excel with one cell for each stitch in the chart, and that's a bit of a pain.

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