Sunday, September 25, 2005

Yay for airports!

So I had some spare time this weekend ... Between waiting in airports, actually flying on air- planes and watching my lovely friends made even lovelier (thanks to the talents of a fabulous hair and makeup artist hired for the wedding I was at in SoCal this weekend), I have a Kerrin shawl that's about 60% done....

I've joined the two wings/arm covers and am now working the back of the shawl as one piece, though the pattern suggests keeping the "wings" separate and seaming them together during finishing. I wanted to be able to control the cable decreases so the cables end in a more traditional fashion, rather than disappearing into a seam.

Also, I think someone asked further down if I'm adding tassels, and the answer is an emphatic YES. I'm not normally a fan of tassels and fringe (both the look of them and the actual fringing/tasseling process), but a.) this isn't for me to wear, and b.) I think this shawl looks considerably more finished and more elegant WITH tassels (though I'll deny it if anyone asks me in person). The larger "yarn ropes" that constitute the tassels in the pattern are part of what gives this shawl its "outdoor sophisticate" look.

If I finish in the next week or so, I might have to start that cute little cropped sweater that's a few posts down. I've seen that sweater on a model at one of my local LYSs and it's adorable!

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