Wednesday, October 05, 2005

We're Getting Noticed!

Hey KALers!

This morning I received an e-mail from Janet Szabo. She is the publisher of Twists and Turns: The Newsletter for Lovers of Cable Knitting. Click the link to check out her site, and if you are interested you can subscribe via her website. Twists and Turns is a 20-page quarterly newsletter with patterns, book and yarn reviews, and technical articles on knitting and designing with cables. Janet has also offered a one year subscription to Twists and Turns as a prize for a KAL contest! How exciting!

So, Jennifer and I are putting our fabulous knitted thinking caps on and will present our contest for your contesting pleasure.
This weekend sounds like a good contest start time, so that will give those lurkers [you know who you are] to get with it and join so they can be a part of the contest fun.

I'm so excited!

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