Wednesday, November 30, 2005

This is the scarf that never ends....

I finally finished what was originally supposed to be my very first cabling project way back when this KAL started. It's the Good Ole Cabled Scarf
which is a lovely, lovely simple, and such a nice FO. It just took me FOREVER because I have a very short attention span.

I used size 9 Denise Interchangables and about 2.5 skeins of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk which is SO gorgeous.

I don't know if I will ever, ever, ever have the patience to make a cabled scarf like this again, but I love the way this one came out.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Now back to our regularly scheduled cabling...

I'm back to cabling after a short hiatus. I'm working on the sleeves to Blackberry from the latest Knitty. I've been trying out knitting without a cable needle, the Grumperina way, but am finding that my cable just look more neat when using a cable needle. I think I'm going to do the other sleeve with the needle. I'm enjoying the Lamb's Pride Bulky, and think it will be the perfect sweater for this holiday season. It's been pretty cold here (in No. Cal terms) and am looking forward to bundling up in it!

Sleeve of Blackberry, in Lamb's Pride Bulky

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Here it is. I made this yesterday and it was quick and painless. This is my version of the Irish Hiking Cell Phone / Camera Cover. I used Muench Touch Me Chenille which I would say I would not recommend to the new knitter. I loved the texture of the yarn but it worms something awful. One comment please. The 2 pictures were taken on 2 different cameras. The close up of the stitch is the more true to color of the photos'. I had to use my husbands camera to take the photo so you could see what I made it for. Since the yarn I used was bulky it turned out just right. Sorry that the photo is not that great but I wanted to get it done and posted before I leave this morning.

The More information can be found on my blog

Monday, November 28, 2005

Irish Hiking Scarf

Thanks for the KAL!!! I enjoyed seeing all the other gorgeous FOs.

I finished knitting the Irish Hiking Scarf during our trip to the in-laws. I worked on it during the drive (didn't want FIL to see his Christmas gift) back and forth to PGH. I wove in all the ends yesterday and had my Hubby take the picture.

Overall, it is a successful knit. This is my first cable project. I also learned how to knit cables without a cable needle. I may have to make another because Hubby wants one in Red. See my blog for more details.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

All done!

Pattern made up by me. Yarn is Rowan Plaid (yummy!).

And after I get a few cristmas gifts done I'll be back for some more cable goodness.

Make Up Bag Complete

I am thinking that I need to line this--which will not be all that easy for me.

Irish Hiking Wrist Warmers by KniTaPalooZa

Well, I have started another project today sinceI have been totally intrigued by the Irish Hiking Scarf since I saw it earlier this year. I then recently stumbled onto the wrist warmers that were made from the same pattern and the Irish Hiking KAL.

Well I started today making the first of two wrist warmers. I was not sure of the yardage on the yarn so I choose a yarn that I knew I had plenty of and that I could make a matching scarf and possibly enough for a hat.

I am using Plymouth Sunset on US#7 needles. I like what I have come up with so far. I have finished the first one and am already thinking of ways to do it MY way. Like normal I can never do a pattern completely as it says too... LOL I like to work on DPN's or in the Round and I think these will make up very nicely in that matter. I am also going to do a buttonhole thumb opening on my next pair like explained on in the VooDoo wrist warmer pattern.

So far for just the 1 wristwarmer I have used about 3/4's the skein which only has 88yards. So once I have finished both of the wristwarmers I will post the exact yardage I used. I noticed that several people have asked the question and I was not able to find the answer to it.

The funny thing about this was while I was knitting the wrist warmer today my stepson looked at it and said he really liked it and then I told him I could make him a beanie(hat) and he was all jazzed about it. Infact he asked if he could go raid my stash to find the yarn he wanted it made with. I showed him the picture of the hat and now he is wanting to know how long it will take for me to make one for him and then he also ask if I would make one for his buddies J & E. Orders already and I have not even attempted one. As this discussion was going on my dear husband chimed in and requested the first one. So on Tuesday or Wednesday the boys are going to meet me at the LYS to pick out the yarn. I guess I know what I will be working on... LOL

BTW - I have a question for all you cablers: Which way do you prefer to make cables with? (either a wooden cable needle or a metal hook or the no needle method) Just wondering. I have been experimenting with both the wooden and the metal and so far I have to say I like the straight wooden cable needle the best.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Houston We have a Problem

Ok.. so I finished a pair of cabled wrist warmers. I recently or should I say a month ago got the new magazine KnitScene and I found an awesome pattern for a pair of wristwarmers in it. I started to make a pair. I finished one about 3 weeks ago and just had not had a chance to get the second one going. I finially decdied to get my butt in gear and make the other one. So instead of following the directions to a T - I thought I was but did not compair it to the one I had already finished. Here is what I found out I had done AFTER I had already casted on.... Oops.. 1inch of a problem here.

So now here is the fix. When I made the first one I did not like the thumb opening but thought when I made a second pair I would do a buttonhole instead of what the pattern calls for. So here is the simple fix. Make another mismatch pair. Yeap... 2 pairs out of the same yarn. Now I just hope I have enough to make both of them. Oops... that's what I get for not following the directions.

Here is the other pair of wrist warmers that I am working on. This also has had some problems. I think it is the knitter and not the yarn nor the pattern. I only frogged this 5x until I was completely happy. First frogging I found I did it wrong on the thumb opening and it curled on the ends so started it again. This time I totally messed it up... Don't ask. 3rd time would be a charm right? Nope not for me. The third time I messed um on the cable I did a CF6 instead of a CB6 big oops... and then the other time was just because I did not like the cast on and the first joining in the round. I finially got it all worked out and I absolutely love the wrist warmer. This is my variation on the Cloud 9 Glove pattern which can be found here. I made minor changes to the pattern.

First I have small fingers so doing 2 full sets of cables at the top before the thumb opening would make mittens on me. So I only did one. Also I put a 2 row 1x1 rib at both the top and bottom of the wristwarmer. I only did a cast on of 10/15/10 instead of a 12/15/12 cast on. The only other change I did is when you join back after the thumb opening is made. I did the 2 decreases for the wrist and then after those decrease rows, to compansate for my fat arm I did increases in the same place where the decreasese were. I did the M1 increase since the K1FB made like a hole.

I totally love the pattern and can not wait to finish the pair. One more to go. They are totally worth making.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Little Cable Socks

Hi all and thank you Jennifer for the invite.

My name in Lu and I live in the SF Bay Area and I caught the cable fever. Here are the socks I made for my mom:

Little Cable Socks

I am working on another pair for a friend of mine.

Friday, November 18, 2005

A cable....

but not the cabled item that I should be showing you. The sweater I started has been put on hold till after I finish some christmas gifts.

But this cabled scarf in Rowan Plaid is really a nice mellow project to work on:

And I'm over half way done. Then after another scarf and sweater I should be able to get back to:

which has been on needles for a really long time (pattern is from VK holiday last year) :)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cable FO

I completed my first cable project. Albeit a small one, it's a winner! Daughter loves it. I can't ask for more.

Nakiska in Knit Picks Merino

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More Cable Goodness

I'm a cable addict.

I just finished the Basic Cable hat from SnB Nation last night.

I used size 7 Denise's, size 8 Addi's, and Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran. I love they way this hat turned out. It looks very impressive when finished but it was INCREDIBLY easy and took about 4 hours total to make.

Here's my charming boyfriend (and recipient of the hat) modeling my handiwork.

Newbie to the Cable KAL: Heres My Project(s)

Ok as anything else I do. I do it obessively. Obsessive Compulsive since 1966 which is not a bad thing. I just started knitting this year. I must be the odd ball since I really like DPN and Cables but I think I have found my place with you guys! Thanks for letting me join.

On with the show:

Project One:

KnitScenes Fall/Winter 2005
Project 17
Soft and Cable-y Fingerless Mitts
Yarn Flanell mit Merino by StahlscheWolle (Color 1461)
Needle size US9

These are very quick and easy. I feel like I have been doing the Michael Jackson though. I finished the one warmer about 1 1/2 weeks ago and I just have not got going on the other one. The only thing that I would probably do to change this pattern is instead of doing the thumb opening like they say to pick up and knit in the round. I would leave that off. It seems to be just a tad to big and I only did 3 rows. I might do a pickup and a bind off to see if that just makes a more finished edge on it. Also since I never follow the directions to the tee using my own idea of yarn I had to do a minor alteration. I love the fit of the glove but at the hand portion it seemed just a little to loose so I sewed in Elastic Thread in a matching grey color. You can not even see it and it took care of eactly what I needed. I love that Rainbow Elastic Thread by K1C2.

Project Two:

Family Circle Easy Knitting Holiday 2005
Project 17 Cabled Headband
Yarn Karabella Aurora Bulky
(Color 22)
Needle size US9 Straights

The frogs have been crocking away at this project. I was more then 1/2 way completed when I completely messed it up. I started to take it out and then it was just a mess. So I ribbited once... then twice... then three times. All my fault. I like the pattern and the instructions it just seemed that was not a day that I should have been working on cables. I totally messed it up but I am back on it again. It should not take that long it just seems that I can not get it together. LOL

Project Three:

Cloud 9 Gloves - WristWarmers
by Midnightsky Fibers Blog
Yarn Karabella Aurora Bulky
(Color 10)
Needle Size US7 DPD
Color 10

I discovered these yesterday and I was intreged by the thumb opening. I should be working on my other glove and finishing it but I just can not seem to get it together to work on it. Since I did not like the openning. I thought I would see how this ones goes. I like this one some much more but I can see that I am going to want to incorperate the 2 together. I like to have the ribbing on the rest of the glove where this one does not have ribbing. I like the appeal of this one. It is very quick and easy to make. This one I started last night while sitting in front of the TV. Something that I never do. I usually go and hide somewhere and knit. But last night I sat with my DH and my DSS and his girlfriend. I was able to get alot completed in a very short period of time. This is a must try pattern. Very easy to alter.

Last and Final Project(s):

I found this great simple book at Barnes and Noble the other day. Just Scarves by Lion Brand I was not going to buy it at the time becuase there were only 2 patterns that I really wanted out of it but I hesitated. I got home and then thought about the book more and had to run down there the next morning and get it. The book has several cable projects in it. The first is picture on the cover a very bulky scarf with one large cable. The other pattern is also a bulky weight shoulder wrap. I am going to make both of them but I have to wait for the yarn to arrive. I am going to make them with Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande.

I would like to tell you just how talented you all are. I love looking at all your fantastic projects and ideas. Thank you once again for letting me join your little realm of the web. I hope to be able to show more progress in the near future of my projects.
Stay Tuned for more of my exciting life with Cabling!

New knitter learns to cable

It's nice to see all your beautiful cable projects. I dream that someday I'll be able to tackle something bigger. I joined the KAL in hopes of learning cables. My projects are small but here they are ...

Irish Hiking Scarf

Nakiska (cabled headband)

More details are in my blog.

My scarf pattern for you (and the world!)

I wrote up the pattern for my Instant Gratification Scarf. It is a simple cable pattern that I am going to use to teach a cabling class at a LYS. It knits up fast--I finished it in two evenings, which includes the time I spent trying a few different cable patterns before finding the one I liked the best. The link to a PDF of the pattern is in my side bar.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

New Scarf Pattern To Check Out!

Grumperina has made available the pattern for her Dad's Sharfik Cable Scarf. I'm planning on making one for my Assistant's such a great looking pattern.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Obessed With MORE Cables lol

I got more done the past few days, here are all my cabled projects so far :)

Yarn: Andean Treasure. I love this yarn, 100 % alpaca!... oohh Gonna buy another color and knit one for me!
Pattern: Winter Femme
Needle size: US 5
green cabled hat
wristwarmer green
blue cabled hat
gray cabled hat
wristwarmer gray

Sunday, November 13, 2005

How are everyone's cable projects going?

It's been kind of quiet so I thought I'd check in and see how you all are doing? I haven't been cabling, I'm sorry to say. I need to clear my daughter's Christmas stocking off the needles, and finish a couple more gifts. I promise to start up a cabled sweater by Thanksgiving, however? Now just which one to pick. My choices are Kepler (Cascade 220 Tweed in Eggplant), Bonne-Marie's Twist (I've got several choices in my stash, all pink), or Blackberry (Jamieson's Shetland Chumky in a purpley blue). Any thoughts about which one I should start? Anyone complete any of these sweaters?

Monday, November 07, 2005


I've finished! Ok, technically, I still need buttons. But, I haven't been shopping in a really long time. I also want to see if my Granny has any that would be appropriate in her stash of buttons.

Pattern - Trellis at
Yarn - Caron Simply Soft in Bright Green, 3 skeins ($3.72 + Tax!)
Started - in September
Finished - Nov 4, 2005
Intended Recipient - Chloe

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm actually making cables!

Howdy Hi! I'm new to cables and the KAL. Everyone's work here is so fab.

This is my first work with cables and they are truly addicting. This is a front panel of the cardigan "Bless" from Rowan's "Cork Collection". The color is Dawn and the Cork itself is downright strange to knit with. Much like a bungie cord - but it is so warm and lofty - I love it. The cable is more of a serpentine wave, but hey, it's still a cable.

Next cabling will be on Twisted Sister's "Eve" scarf which is actually reversible, so the cables are the same on each side - nice!

Cable Extension!

Hey everybody, Jennifer and I wanted to let you know that the KAL doesn't end when Fall turns to Winter! Keep those cable projects comin'! We love to see all the beautiful completed projects and with the holidays coming up, we know you'll wow us beautiful projects for your loved ones.

If you'd like to join, don't hesitate! We'll be here as long as everyone is intersted in continuing!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Cabling trauma, or, How To Give Yourself a Heart Attack at 6AM

1. 5:00 AM. Wake up early, probably from having had too much coffee the night before. Think to self, "I know that I'm halfway through the hood on my Rogue ... if I get cracking now, then I'm sure I can finish it by the time the kids get up."

2. Realize that you're already delusional with unrealistic expectations, but ignore it and still think you can do it.

3. Start row 30 on your Rogue hood ... only 50 more to go.

4. 5:30 AM. Make about eight rows of progress when you realize that you made a mistake ...

... about eight rows ago. The same mistake you made in the armpit. Wonder silently (the kids are sleeping, after all) if a mistake on the hood is more noticeable than a mistake in the armpit.

5. 5:35 AM. After reasoning with yourself over the last question, think to yourself, "If I only rip out those center four stitches, I'm sure that I can go back and fix it without doing all of those rows over again."

6. 5:36 AM. Start ripping out the stitches. Realize that in order to get those stockinette stitches uncrossed, you'll have to rip out just a few more stitches.

(insert photo 2)

7. Rip out all of the stitches that are in the hood cable here. Don't swear to yourself, at least not too loudly, because you don't want to wake up the kids.

8. Wonder what row you're really on. Pretend to know, and start to re-knit, given the long strands that you have across the back.

(photo 3)

9. 5:45 AM. Pour yourself a second cup of coffee. Keep going.

10. 6:00 AM. Pretend that you don't hear the 3-year-old when she wakes up. Keep going. You know you can finish it!

(photo 4)

11. 6:10 AM. Pretend that you don't hear the 5-year-old either when he demands chocolate milk. You better be able to do it!

12. 6:15 AM. Finish the cables. Breathe a heavy sigh of relief. Get the kiddos their first-thing-in-the-morning-milk. Drink a third cup of coffee.

(last photo)

Eight rows down ... only 42 more to go. That is, after you do the other side of the hood, with the same mistake.

(And no, I still haven't done the other side yet.)

(And yes, the smarter thing would have been to just rip those silly old eight rows out.)

(And if you can't see the photos for some reason, like I really can't figure out right now why the first picture loaded but the others didn't, feel free to visit my blog, from which I shamelessly copied this entire entry. I just felt like it was time to update the cable-along.)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Acrylic for cables?

I need some advice & thought I would ask the cable experts over here. :) I picked up a bunch of very pretty & soft DK weight yarn which I would like to use to make a heavily cabled garment - possibly a jacket. However, the yarn is 100% acrylic & I have never knit with acrylic before so I have no idea how the yarn will act. Does it hold a cable well? How about blocking? I have heard people say that acrylic won't really block - is that true & if so is that a problem? I haven't thought that cabled sweaters really needed much blocking - especially if there are cables all over it.

Well - what do you guys think? I'm totally into this yarn - so pretty, soft & CHEAP! About $5 for 240 yards. I'm all about that! But is it suitable or do I need to use it for something else?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Cabled Hat and Wrist Warmer

Yeaahhh. I'm done with my cable projects :):)

Pardon my laziness

I have finished Trellis (finally) but you'll have to check out my blog for the details. I'll blame it on the nasty rainy gray weather (he he, blame it on the rain) but I'm just feeling too lazy to write about it any more. Besides while you are there you can check out my Cable Rib socks.

Happy surfing!