Saturday, November 26, 2005

Houston We have a Problem

Ok.. so I finished a pair of cabled wrist warmers. I recently or should I say a month ago got the new magazine KnitScene and I found an awesome pattern for a pair of wristwarmers in it. I started to make a pair. I finished one about 3 weeks ago and just had not had a chance to get the second one going. I finially decdied to get my butt in gear and make the other one. So instead of following the directions to a T - I thought I was but did not compair it to the one I had already finished. Here is what I found out I had done AFTER I had already casted on.... Oops.. 1inch of a problem here.

So now here is the fix. When I made the first one I did not like the thumb opening but thought when I made a second pair I would do a buttonhole instead of what the pattern calls for. So here is the simple fix. Make another mismatch pair. Yeap... 2 pairs out of the same yarn. Now I just hope I have enough to make both of them. Oops... that's what I get for not following the directions.

Here is the other pair of wrist warmers that I am working on. This also has had some problems. I think it is the knitter and not the yarn nor the pattern. I only frogged this 5x until I was completely happy. First frogging I found I did it wrong on the thumb opening and it curled on the ends so started it again. This time I totally messed it up... Don't ask. 3rd time would be a charm right? Nope not for me. The third time I messed um on the cable I did a CF6 instead of a CB6 big oops... and then the other time was just because I did not like the cast on and the first joining in the round. I finially got it all worked out and I absolutely love the wrist warmer. This is my variation on the Cloud 9 Glove pattern which can be found here. I made minor changes to the pattern.

First I have small fingers so doing 2 full sets of cables at the top before the thumb opening would make mittens on me. So I only did one. Also I put a 2 row 1x1 rib at both the top and bottom of the wristwarmer. I only did a cast on of 10/15/10 instead of a 12/15/12 cast on. The only other change I did is when you join back after the thumb opening is made. I did the 2 decreases for the wrist and then after those decrease rows, to compansate for my fat arm I did increases in the same place where the decreasese were. I did the M1 increase since the K1FB made like a hole.

I totally love the pattern and can not wait to finish the pair. One more to go. They are totally worth making.

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