Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Grace Cardigan

I've started my second cable project for this fall. (But I haven't finished the first one yet.)

It is Grace from Debbie Bliss's Cotton Angora book. I'm using Karabella's Aurora 8 because I heard that the Cotton Angora loses stitch definition and because I'm tired of working with cotton. (Plus, neither cotton nor angora are very resilient, which would make cabling less fun.)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I finally got the photos of Willow "in progress" onto my computer. Just in time too since I have actually finished the knitting! Well...I thought I had finished the knitting until I went to block the fronts and noticed I had neglected to reverse the neck shaping on the left side. Sigh...guess what I will be re-knitting tonight? :)

These are the sleeves. The yarn is actually quite a bit darker than the photo shows. Darn flash - washes out everything and makes the cables look flat too. :(

Overall, I have really enjoyed knitting this jacket. The pattern was really well written (despite what one would think due to my knitting brain-fart!). The yarn itself was Rowan Harris Chunky Tweed. The first ball I used had three knots in it!! But there has only been one more since then so I have been happy with it. Knots in yarn are my pet peeve.

Close up:

I have blocked the back section but I am really daunted about the finishing/construction for this whole project. In fact, if I had thought about it properly I probably would have been scared off of knitting it! I have to sew in pockets & knit a pocket border, pick up and knit stitches for a collar, sew on a button band, buttons and make button holes that will match up with the buttons! I've never done any of this before - except making a collar which I wasn't too happy with the one other time I have done it. :( I've got the pocket placed - not hard but I'm hating the thought of having to sew it down. Oh dear... Wish me luck!!

On the other hand - I am rather proud that this is only my second time knitting cables and I managed to learn to cable without using a cable needle. I really can't picture doing it any other way now!

Monday, September 26, 2005

New to this Cable Thing

But I'm in Love! Here is the back of my Trellis. I'm up to the neck shaping on the Fronts. I'm working two at a time. I'll do the sleeves the same and have enough left for a baby Coronet. This is all done in Caron Simply Soft Brights - Limelight. As this is for my soon-to-be-One Niece for Christmas, I wanted "easy care".

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Yay for airports!

So I had some spare time this weekend ... Between waiting in airports, actually flying on air- planes and watching my lovely friends made even lovelier (thanks to the talents of a fabulous hair and makeup artist hired for the wedding I was at in SoCal this weekend), I have a Kerrin shawl that's about 60% done....

I've joined the two wings/arm covers and am now working the back of the shawl as one piece, though the pattern suggests keeping the "wings" separate and seaming them together during finishing. I wanted to be able to control the cable decreases so the cables end in a more traditional fashion, rather than disappearing into a seam.

Also, I think someone asked further down if I'm adding tassels, and the answer is an emphatic YES. I'm not normally a fan of tassels and fringe (both the look of them and the actual fringing/tasseling process), but a.) this isn't for me to wear, and b.) I think this shawl looks considerably more finished and more elegant WITH tassels (though I'll deny it if anyone asks me in person). The larger "yarn ropes" that constitute the tassels in the pattern are part of what gives this shawl its "outdoor sophisticate" look.

If I finish in the next week or so, I might have to start that cute little cropped sweater that's a few posts down. I've seen that sweater on a model at one of my local LYSs and it's adorable!

Hello everybody ... intro

Hello everybody ...

I apologize if I've already introduced myself. (I don't think I have ... you'll understand if I'm repeating myself I hope.)

My name is Jenifer, I love to knit cables, and I of course had to jump on board onto this bandwagon of cabling madness. I'm enjoying seeing your projects unfold as well.

First of: I'm working on Rogue, and I'm actually signed up for the knitalong of "Gone Rogue" with fellow Denverites and whoever else wants to join in ... but I thought I'd just mention that here.

Next up: I'd like to start the "Curry Cabled Cardigan" sweater from a past Fall IWK using Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in #124 Jewel (sort of a deep red). You can see a nice version here worked up by Cara. I hope to start this in October some time ... and finish by Thanksgiving. I've had the yarn for this sweater for a year... and this is the perfect time to make it!

More details about these projects are here, on my blog.

I'm having a hard time linking to my photos here ... so I'll work on figuring that out, once I start making progress.

Thanks to our hostesses with the mostesses for hosting this knitalong!


another introduction

Hi everyone! I was inspired to join this KAL by Jenifer - who is also the person who taught me how to cable. I am working on two cable sweaters for my nephew (just born a week ago).

First is the gray one in the bottom picture - which I haven't begun yet.

Second is the olive and red one - for which I have a front and a back.

I'm having a bit of trouble getting the pictures uploaded and positioned where I'd like them to be in blogger (never used this before). Hopefully when I get some pictures of my progress, I'll be able to do a better job. In the meantime, happy cabling!

a.k.a. the knitty professor

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hi, I still haven't introduced myself, so I thought I'd do that now. I'm from FindingHer, and I'm working on a scarf based on this one I saw on Knitting Interrupted. Like given in the notes there, it's based on the Parrot House Stole in Lavish Lace. I liked the idea of lace and cables, and have been working on this since the day before the KAL started (I know, I'm a cheat). I'm making it in KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, in Hush.

Here's a progress photo of what I have so far:

I'm also planning on doing a Irish Hiking scarf. Both are Christmas/birthday gifts (the above lacy and cable, for my boyfriend's mother's birthday, and the Irish Hiking scarf is for my father's Christmas gift).

I've been loving what everyone's chosen so far. If I some how have enough time, I want to make the free Rebecca sweater from this current issue.


Think I'm not going to try it? Think again!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Another Late Start....

Or a really, really early start. I started this sweater ages ago (roughly 2001) and hopefully I'll finally finish it this year. The sleeves are done, now all that is left is the front, the cowl and the sewing together. It didn't help that I just had to change the style a bit and then changed my mind after doing the back once already.

Will update with what the designer planned for the sweater to look like when I get home and can access the original pattern.

Looking forward to seeing eveyone's progress! I love cables. It's the reason I wanted to learn to knit in the first place.

Knitting Fairies Really Do Exist!

Knitting fairies really do exist and I have proof. I went to sleep last night and when I awoke, the whole back of my cable sweater was finished! How did that happen? Couldn't be that I started early or anything ... because I would never admit to starting early. I'm thinking that the fairies must have decided that it was the perfect gift for co-hosting the KAL.
Thank you Knitting Fairies, thank you!

Late Start!

AHHHH! I'm a day late! This is my first cable project, and I am very excited to get started. I will be making a cabled scarf (starting out small here!) and will be starting this weekend. Just wanted to say hello to all my fellow KAL'ers and that everyone who has posted is making some gorgeous stuff.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Getting started on the fronts

Well, my cardigan with no pattern is progressing nicely. I've finished both sleeves, and they fit! So I'm now starting on the right front. So far I think it looks pretty good. I'm doing some waist shaping on the sides and I've been taking notes all along the way so I can try to repeat the same shaping on the left front and the back. Once I'm done with the fronts I will still need to decide if I'm going to put cables on the back or if I will just do 2x2 rib on the entire back, or maybe a combination of the two, I'm open to suggestions!

-Stacey :)

Getting Going

I'm really excited about this knit-a-long. I'll be making this:

From Fall 2005 Interweave

I'm using GGH Davos and cast on a little while ago but didn't make any progress. I love doing cablework and am very excited to be watching what everyone else is doing.

Fall is here!

Hello Everyone,
I've been waiting patiently these last few weeks to cast on my first cable project of the season. I will be starting with this cable jacket from VK which I cast on for this morning.

I'm already a third of the way finished the back (it is a really quick knit) but the back doesn't have any cables so I'll wait to post a progress pic. until there is some cable action going on.
I will also be making Trellis from Knittyand will begin as soon as I get the correct needles.

Well that's all for now. Happy cableing.

Hi Y'All

My first KAL and my first cable project! To keep things simple, I think I'll attempt the Irish Hiking Scarf. Haven't yet picked out a yarn, but I will soon. Happy to be part of the Fall Cable KAL.

Fall Solstice! Yea!

Hey everyone! Well here we are on our opening first day! I've 'officially' started in on the Rebecca 27 Cable Sweater #41 [hereby referred to as Cable the Area 51 of cabled knitting]. The ribbing has been super quick and I'm looking forward to the rest of the process. The process may include eliminating the collar, but I'm still in the decision phase.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I'm getting started

Hi all...I'm Saun. I just wanted to show you the two projects I'll be working on for the knit-along. After clearing up some other projects, I'm finally ready to get started.

I'll be making this Rebecca cable sweater (from Fall 05 mag) for myself using some Rowan wool cotton.
I'll be making this Rebecca cropped sweater (from Spring/Summer 05 mag) using Knitpicks Merino Style for my sister. I already made one for myself but I had to agree to make one for her to keep her from stealing mine.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Counting Down The Days!

Just two days before the official start of our Fall Cable KAL! I'm excited to see everyone's projects!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Introduction :)

hola! :)

I just wanted to drop in and say hi. I'm Manda. I have two blogs - one for everyday nonsense, and one for knitting that I share with a friend of mine who hasn't had much knitting time lately. I'm 24 for another month and a half, and I will be knitting the Irish Hiking Scarf for the 3rd time in a year. It's going to be a Christmas Present for one of my family members. I'm knitting it using Lamb's Pride Worsted in "Pine Tree." Maybe I'll get another cable project in, but for now, that's it. :)

Happy knitting!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wow! We're Good...

Hey everyone! I'm getting excited for the 'official' beginning of our KAL. I've been taking this time to finish up my summer projects that have been lingering and swatching for my cabled sweater. I was having some trouble with the cables [there was a pattern correction that was so confusing!], but I think it finally clicked with the help of a chart. Thank god! I guess I need this KAL more than I thought! Anyway, I'll be making the #41 Cabled Sweater from Rebecca 27. I'm not 100% on the collar, I'm thinking collarless might wear better. We'll see. The yarn is this fabby Winter Cotton...I love the color and it's kind of like a thicker All Seasons Cotton. Nice stuff.
Speaking of our Official Start Date, I was pleasantly surprised tonight to find that we have a Finished Object already! That's a damn good KAL, let me tell you! And in honor of our first finish object, I want to unveil the Fall Cable KAL Finished Object Gallery. I will post everyone's finished objects there so that we can see all of our hard work in one place.

6 days til we get underway!

Lastly, Knitpicks has this gorgeous sweater available for $1.99.

Ample socks finished with cable yeah! ;o))

Hey does this count, they actually do have a cable ... Cable KAL right ... I'm finished ... ;o))))

This is our second sock completed for this years six-sox-a-long

Its done with a beautiful teal colored wool on size 1 needles a neat british gansey pattern. The patterns are free if you join the group of course.... I'm sending it to my sock swap partner.. Hope she enjoys them as much as I have knitting them

now I need to get my sleeves cast on for my sleeveless rogue thats been waiting patiently since the early summer.....I'll post a picture once theres something to show, I've been meaning to do them for a couple months now....

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Here's my first cable project, and no, it's not a poncho.  Posted by Picasa

I figured I'd pop my head up and say "Howdy!"

Hello everyone! I figured it was time to stop being the silent moderator and come our from under my yarn stash to say hello and welcome! I'm a complete newbie when it comes to cables to I have picked a simple capelet design from the latest Rowan mag. I think it's called Charlotte? Anyway, I'm using the suggested yarn, Ribbon Twist in a lovely red shade. I'm hoping to start on her next week. I want to finish up my Hopeful first before casting on yet another project. I'm also supposed to be starting to swatch for Kepler, my other Fall cable knit, but I'm finding the chart is intimidating me, so I'm starting small with Charlotte first.

I'm enjoying reading about everyone else's projects. We are going to have a fun, cable-filled fall! If you have any questions, concerns, or changes you'd like to make to our KAL, I, along with Christie, am available to help you out. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Well everyone's starting early... so I guess I will too! :)

I'm currently working on #14 from this fall's Vogue Knitting, the same sweater that Amber posted a picture of in an earlier post.

There were a lot of mistakes in the pattern & I got really confused before I thought to check the website for corrections, so I ended up twisting all my cables in the same direction, but the photo shows the big and small cables twisting in opposite directions. Oh well, I still like it. I'm knitting it with Misti Bulky Weight alpaca. I think the cropped length will be good because the alpaca is really warm...

Monday, September 12, 2005

Reverse Rib Shawl

Just thought I'd post a quick "hello" and let you see what I will be knitting for this fabulous KAL. It is Lily Chin's Reversible Rib Shawl from theWinter '99/00 issue of Vogue. It is also in the book Vogue Knitting: American Collection. I swiped this picture from Laura, one of our fellow KAL members. I hope mine turns out as gorgeous as hers.

One sleeve down

I finally settled on a pattern for my sleeve. I had to rip the first one because it was too tight so I cast on this second time with about 6 more stitches and I did more increases, much better. This was the best I could do on the picture, man is it hard to take pictures of black yarn. If you leave the flash on the black reflects all the light and your picture is washed out, if you turn the flash off you get a fuzzy pic, ah well...

The BF was mortified that I would knit a whole sleeve, pull it out and knit it again, LOL! I've finished one and I'm a about 1/3 of the way through the second sleeve. After this I plan to do the fronts. I'm debating whether or not to try adding a pocket since I'm not really sure how much yarn my pattern is going to take and I only have 9 balls of the cotton ease. This is fun so far though, I don't mind re-knitting so much because it is my own pattern, plus it's going to fast with the thick yarn. I've been knitting on size 3 and 4 needles for a while so the 7's that I'm using for this seem huge (my knitting is pretty loose). I re-knit the first sleeve in about two days, not bad!

-Stacey :)

Cable KAL Charting

Hi there! I too am KALing (or is that KingAL) on a cable project. Mine's a Christmas present for my MIL, an old Mission Falls shawl pattern (Kerrin shawl) in a mushroom-color Cascade 220. As lovely as the shawl will be when it's done, the cable chart in the pattern itself is a little wonky.

I spent most of Saturday morning re-jiggering the chart in Microsoft Word using the knitting font from Keyboard Biologist** so the increases on the front inside edge of the shawl work smoothly with the cable pattern and the cable twists are symmetrically opposite instead of twisting the same direction on both sides.

**If you're looking for a symbol font to retype/create a cable chart, there's another one at aire river. The symbols are better for cabling, but you have to create a table in Word or Excel with one cell for each stitch in the chart, and that's a bit of a pain.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hi and my project

I started this sweater:
Image hosted by
months ago. It's from VK Holiday 04. I'm using cascade Lana D'oro (discontinued yarn) in orange. The back and sleeves are 3x3 rib and the front has some really nice cables on it. The ribbing is so boring that I put the sweater down. But this knit along is a good motivator to get me working on it again. After this one is done I have my second cable project lined up as well. Its from the current issue of VK. But I will lengthen the sweater (I'm not a fan of the short sweater).
Image hosted by

Good KAL idea :)


Saturday, September 10, 2005

My project

I am doing Willow from Rowan's A Yorkshire Tale. It is a mid-hip length jacket. I'm using Rowan Harris Yorkshire Tweed Chunky in a beautiful blue (color #20). I'm through the back up to the armholes so far. No photo yet - it may be difficult to get a good one because of the yarn color but I'll try! This is my first big cable project and my first time cabling without a cable needle. I'm loving that aspect of it! It's so much faster and smoother - I highly recommend it to anyone doing cables!

Friday, September 09, 2005

First Fall Cable project

I'll be doing at least two and maybe three cable projects over the fall and winter. And I just started the first one! It's a DNA scarf for my brother. He does genetics research so I thought it would be an appropriate Christmas gift.

I've been doing all the cabling for this without a cable needle. It's the first time that I have tried cabling without a cable needle and sometimes I get a bit mixed up. I'm primarily using Grumperina's method (see side bar), but I'm also making it up as I go along :-) I'm so pleased that it actually looks like DNA. (Yarn is RYC Cashsoft DK)

Making DNA without replication

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fall Knitty

Y'all need to check out the new Knitty. It is cable-licious!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I started...

But I had to rip. I don't have pictures to post yet but I did finish one sleeve of my cable project. I'm knitting a sweater of my own design and I thought I had the gauge thing down pretty good, I even "tried on" the sleeve as I was knitting it. But once it was off the needles it was just a little too tight for my taste. I'm using Lion Brand Cotton Ease in licorice. I'm posting a picture of my swatch that I knit in purple because the pattern does not show up that well in the black yarn in pictures. I've cast on again for the sleeve and I'm making a few changes this time around, hopefully it will come out right this time. Wish me luck!


Friday, September 02, 2005

Welcome To The Fall Cable KAL!

Welcome everyone to the Fall Cable KAL!

Jennifer, and I are happy to be your hostesses. Any cable project and all experience levels are welcomed to join!

The perfect start date is September 22, 2005...the Fall Solstice. I don't really have an end date in mind as there will be different types of projects from scarves to sweaters to socks. If you're new to cabling, it's easier than it looks! I know because me 80 year old Aunt Becky told me so! Just in case you don't believe me [or Aunt Becky who will call you a freshpot for not listening to her], I've put a few links on the left sidebar. There is a video, non cable needle and idiot's tutorial. If anyone has any other instructional links that would be useful, I'm more than happy to add them.

If you'd like to join, please just leave a comment and we'll contact you. If you'd like to make a KAL button, please do! I can send you a copy of the banner or background graphic if you'd like to encorporate it into your design.

So grab your yarn, cable needle [or not], pattern and let's get cabling!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

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