Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I finally got the photos of Willow "in progress" onto my computer. Just in time too since I have actually finished the knitting! Well...I thought I had finished the knitting until I went to block the fronts and noticed I had neglected to reverse the neck shaping on the left side. Sigh...guess what I will be re-knitting tonight? :)

These are the sleeves. The yarn is actually quite a bit darker than the photo shows. Darn flash - washes out everything and makes the cables look flat too. :(

Overall, I have really enjoyed knitting this jacket. The pattern was really well written (despite what one would think due to my knitting brain-fart!). The yarn itself was Rowan Harris Chunky Tweed. The first ball I used had three knots in it!! But there has only been one more since then so I have been happy with it. Knots in yarn are my pet peeve.

Close up:

I have blocked the back section but I am really daunted about the finishing/construction for this whole project. In fact, if I had thought about it properly I probably would have been scared off of knitting it! I have to sew in pockets & knit a pocket border, pick up and knit stitches for a collar, sew on a button band, buttons and make button holes that will match up with the buttons! I've never done any of this before - except making a collar which I wasn't too happy with the one other time I have done it. :( I've got the pocket placed - not hard but I'm hating the thought of having to sew it down. Oh dear... Wish me luck!!

On the other hand - I am rather proud that this is only my second time knitting cables and I managed to learn to cable without using a cable needle. I really can't picture doing it any other way now!

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