Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Acrylic for cables?

I need some advice & thought I would ask the cable experts over here. :) I picked up a bunch of very pretty & soft DK weight yarn which I would like to use to make a heavily cabled garment - possibly a jacket. However, the yarn is 100% acrylic & I have never knit with acrylic before so I have no idea how the yarn will act. Does it hold a cable well? How about blocking? I have heard people say that acrylic won't really block - is that true & if so is that a problem? I haven't thought that cabled sweaters really needed much blocking - especially if there are cables all over it.

Well - what do you guys think? I'm totally into this yarn - so pretty, soft & CHEAP! About $5 for 240 yards. I'm all about that! But is it suitable or do I need to use it for something else?

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